wordpress and PHP developer
I live & work in beautiful downtown Guelph
mobile dev, Java & lots of code code code!

So you made it!  Been swamped with actual work to give this the attention it needs, but now its on!

This is my personal website highlighting some of the projects I am involved with, but it also gives me a place to speak my mind.  Check out the Rants’n’Raves section where I let loose on my own personal soapbox.

I am a PHP/Wordpress developer, but I have my hands in many pots.  I simply love jQuery.  I like to get my hands dirty, just like when I was a kid, I love to figure out how things work.  And usually this involves me breaking something for me to be able to understand how it works.  I had to get my dad to put a few bicycles back together when I was young!

A collection of some of the work I am proud of can be found on my portfolio.

Thanks for droppin’ by.