About Me

robotI’m into robots.  Quantum theory too.

I like simple solutions to complex problems.  And most times there are more than one solution!

Most of my time these days I sit in front of my computer researching or coding.  Half the work I feel sometimes is seeing if someone else has already solved the problem.  Occasionally I find ways to procrastinate – I can be quite adept at that.

Music:  hip hop, the funk, classic zepplin and bob marley, the sounds that come from the laboratory can be incredibly diverse.  Loving senatoradam who comes correct with the diverse, We Funk Radio gets crazy play up in here, playing old and new funk classics.  Oh and soundcloud has to get props, but its my link, yo.  Lately in my player, people might call whats in there as dub step, but I really hate that term – for the more progressive, glitch hop, hardstep.. the stuff I’m feeling these days is what should be referred to as electro!

I have been programming computers for more than 30 years.  I also have diploma in Architectural Tech, been a DJ for more than 20 and have two lovely nephews, a three neices with a fresh one out of the oven!

Don’t get me talking about time space theory or lackadaisical practices of modern society.