Abstrakt Auditoree Patternz

This was a fundraising project for a group of DJs that never really came to fruition. Was like 10 or so home town DJs banning together under the ‘Sangha’ monikor.. you know whats up – this was back in The Space days… We run ‘tings for a likkle while, and then some drama came around and broke it all up.. Still in touch with all those boys though!


Pure by Big Bud

Groove Therapy (photek remix) by Lexis

Tiny Universe by Kid Loops

Doubler by Banaczech

[big washey bass thing] by unknown artist

The Lightening (digital remix) by Photek

[another blapper] by unknown

[whip snap] by unknown

Maximum Risk by Foul Play Productions

Knot Alone (drum & space mix) by Soulstice

Rhythm Factor by In Deep

The Child (source direct rmx) by Alex Gopher

Feeling Real (dj rmx) by Pulse & Tango

Contact by Jazz Cartel

[Big Buddy] by artist unknown

Nextgen by Odyssey

New Life by Faith Massive

Maximum respect to the original artists for their work!

As with all the other archive mixes I’m putting up here, once this mixpage see 10 likes, I’ll make it available for download.

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