Doogies and Pablos

I’ve known the previous owner (Mike Hauser aka Doogie) for nearly two decades.  When he first opened (as The Pinata and Doogies) I helped make the menus and paint the place up.

After a few years, Mike decided to change the format of The Pinata and renamed it Pablos (after his brother RIP).  At this point, he wanted to use web technologies to help promote the bar and act as a bit of a launch board for the artists performing there.

doogie1Mike will admit to not getting along with technology.  He wanted a site with calendar dates for events and the opportunity to upload images which he could share on his Facebook page.  We set up a few of the employees to have individual access, and we let them have at it.  Eventually the collection of images became large enough to provide some rotating images in the footer of the page.

Mike sold the business in 2012 and I am continuing to work with the new owner who is quite Twitter savvy (@DoogiesGuelph).  Looking forward to continuing to work with lovely downtown Guelph businesses!

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