Flash Audio Player

By far the funnest project while I was in the WDDM program at Humber College in Etobicoke/Toronto
This was an independent project where we had to utilize Flash to perform some sort of media operations (ie pictures or music, not just textual content).  Since I’m a Dj and former record store owner, it made sense to pick some of my favorite music and give it a shot.  This was a project that I accomplished all by myself using a few tutorials online, large amounts of Starbuck’s coffee and some very late nights ..


[personal note]
I actually remember playing a show with a band I used to play with the night before this was due, we got back from a festival in Niagara Falls at 3 am or something…,. I stayed up all night polishing it up, went to class and did my 9am presention.  After lunch I passed out for the afternoon in the little patch of grass by our department.


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