The NEW Man Of Steel

So just wow.


zodThis new movie with that Tudors dude was off the schnizzle!.  When General Zod and Superman finally got down to it, its over the top violent, but thats easily what would happen if those dudes went at it.  Utter destruction to Metropolis.

There were some predictable fodder that had to go in there of course, but I truly thought that the storyline was a good redux of an old story.  General Zod’s character was also a bit of a treat, I’ve always liked that actor as an ex-prohee agent in Boardwalk Empire.  Lots of great tech to from Krypton too, cool computer interfaces as well as gadgets.

Superman2Dude who played Superman was super hanky.  And I’m straight.  And he’s got some pecs on him boyee – and you get to see that from the movie opener with the whole oil rig calamity!  All in all, a great treat of a movie and I guess the one prediction I did get wrong was that they’d leave it open at the end for sequels.  There easily could be a sequel to that movie, but they didn’t elude to one, and I’m glad of that.

Happy I got to see the new version, although I’ve never been a big fan of re-telling a story in a movie, sometimes it can be done well and I think this one sits in that lonely category.

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