Nigel Meets Game of Thrones

nigel-on-the-throneI’m a bit of a fan of television. Especially anything with the following three themes: time travel, action and/or space.

In my quest, I have picked out a few duds.  Namely Christmas 1995(ish) when I insisted that me and all my friends go and check out Street Fighter at the theatre.  What a disappointment! And so sad it was the last movie Raúl Juliá ever made – what a legacy.  I loved him in The Addams Family though!

The fantastical story of Game of Thrones is fascinating to me. A hint of today with just enough intrigue, back stabbing, cloak & dagger and stunning cinematography makes me anticipate each new show.  With that said, I also like to read, but I just couldn’t plough through it.

Just to be totally clear, I do not own the image of the iron throne.

Big props to George R.R. Martin for a lovely story.

After coding for most of the day, I thought I’d take a little break and work on my Photoshop chops.  Here is the result.  I had a little fun making it!

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