Personal Photogallery

This was my first independent object oriented programming project that I started after I finished the WDDM at Humber College in Toronto Ontario.

This was mostly a personal project but it turned into so much more. Sharing photos on some of the social media sites became cumbersome and annoying with my brothers, sisters and respective in-laws.  We are scattered all over the country (Vancouver, Toronto, Milton, Guelph) and its been hard for us to keep in touch, especially the families with kids!

So I built this so we could share pictures. We all started uploading images here use them to make our family calendars.  Over time, I added comment functionality, a multi-file upload utility with AJAX, pagination systems (still work in progress!), avatars and a simple Facebook Share button

photogallBy forcing myself to learn OOP, I have developed a fairly rich understanding of WordPress, especially when dealing with plugins.  From this project I take away a deep appreciation for writing plugins that do not conflict with any other systems.  Developing plugins that contain a class will help avoid problems of conflicting variables.

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