Sapphire Cafe & Lounge

sapphire1Sapphire Lounge & Cafe is a new cafe in lovely down town Guelph Ontario.

The mission was to launch the site at the same time as their grand opening, so time was of the essence.  This was my first project with custom plugins – built to display specials and events, it was surprisingly easy!

After realizing how easy building custom wordpress plugins were, i decided to try my hand at a few more.  Right now, I am developing a couple of pagination plugins (both feed pages and single posts), a plugin to manage how navigation will be displayed in different screen modes and my latest is a parallax utility for the header where you can upload your own images with some marginal customization.

Sapphire Cafe probably makes the most outstanding coffee in town!  I’ve found myself spending most mornings there with a ‘Canadiano’ and my laptop, coding the day away!

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